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Even if it's been a while since you last exercised regularly, and without needing a gym membership or any expensive equipment


At the start of this year, I found myself in a position I never really expected I would be in. Having always been someone who enjoyed being active and never really having had a problem with my weight.

The combination of a few too many beers during lockdown and letting my eating completely slip, I was shocked when I stepped on the scale and found that I was just shy of 20 stone at 126.6 kg.

I reached out to Rob and had my first consultation just to gauge where I was at - I was pathetic, not even able to row 1km and gasping for air.

Rob and I spoke about the kind of training I had enjoyed in the past and with his guidance we got a training programme together.

By August, I was 20.3kg down, and since I have been maintaining my weight. I can also now easily row a sub 7 minute 2km 😉

It's been a pleasure working with Rob, not just because of the results I have gotten but also because of how great a guy he is 💪.

Hey, I'm Rob Westra

Founder of Your Functional Body. Like many of you, life’s milestones made me reflect upon my health and longevity. As birthdays come and go, especially those big 40 or 50 markers, it’s only natural to take a moment, reassess, and sometimes, rekindle our relationship with fitness.

For many of our clients, fitness might seem like a distant memory or perhaps an uncharted territory. You might wake up feeling a tad stiff, perhaps lamenting the days when agility and stamina were on your side. Sleep may elude you, with nights filled with restlessness and days with constant fatigue. The incessant stress, occasional brain fog, and that overwhelming feeling of being perpetually ‘out of time’ due to professional commitments and bustling home lives resonate deeply with many.

However, it’s not just about the fleeting concerns. It’s about gazing into the future with hope and anticipation. Envisioning yourself as the energetic grandparent, running around with your grandkids, traveling to places you’ve always dreamt of, or picking up hobbies you always wished you had time for. It’s also about ensuring that the ailments which might have taken away someone dear – be it heart conditions, diabetes, or cognitive concerns – don’t become shadows that haunt your golden years.

I understand these needs intimately. At Your Functional Body, we don’t just offer fitness programs. We offer solutions crafted for those who appreciate simplicity in the approach, but understand there are no shortcuts to real, sustainable progress. We’ve done the research, tried and tested methods to bring you the most effective, time-efficient programs. We believe in setting you up for success, not just for now, but for a lifetime.

So, if you’re looking for a partner in this journey, who understands the drive coming from the love of family and the desire for long, healthy, fulfilling years ahead, you’re in the right place. Together, let’s make ageing the greatest adventure yet.

You Really Can Get Be At Your Peak After 40

It’s a story I’ve heard time and time again, and one I’ve lived myself. You hit your 40s or 50s, and suddenly, the body isn’t what it used to be.

The mirror shows a version of you that doesn’t match how you feel inside. It’s like overnight, your metabolism decided to take a long vacation, and in its place, a keg instead of a six-pack decided to take up residence.

You’ve probably noticed your energy isn’t what it once was. Those early morning jogs or weekend soccer games with friends now seem like a herculean task.

And let’s not even start on the struggle to keep up with the kids, or grandkids, without feeling winded.

Then there's the mental game. Remember when you felt invincible, like you could conquer the world? Lately, it feels like your mind is in a fog.

Stress doesn’t bounce off like it used to, and a good night's sleep? That’s a luxury that seems to evade you more often than not.

It's frustrating. Maybe you've tried hitting the gym, following the latest diet trends, or even seeking advice from health gurus who promise quick fixes. Yet, nothing seems to stick, leaving you wondering if this is just what 'getting older' is supposed to feel like.

But here’s a truth I want you to consider:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Aging isn't a downhill slope; it's an opportunity to redefine your health and vitality. You deserve to feel strong, confident, and full of life – no matter the number on your birthday cake.

What Our Clients Think


Anton Milne

Rob the great and wonderful....twat. 😂

Rob is the personal trainer’s personal trainer.

He is a cut above with a truly unique approach. An approach that will build you from the core rather than delivering superficial results last for a few weeks or a holiday; results that last a lifetime. Start with the core and everything else falls into place is Rob’s mantra.

The best way to describe Rob is as a mechanic, an engineer of the body. From a few simple exercises, and by observing your stance, movement and form, Rob will design a tailor-made routine that is unique to you, a personal road map to help you achieve your goals.

Not only have I witnessed dramatic results in my own form, I have seen transformation in others and watched really fit people become amazingly fit. I have seen men and woman, mid-fifties plus, who have lost their confidence but in a matter of months are performing perfect handstands, running marathons, slashing race times and doubling in strength.

If you are like me and don’t just want temporary results but want to achieve changes that set you up for life, Rob’s your man.

Ready To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life - Guaranteed?