Are You Ready To Lose 10lbs
In The Next 5 Weeks...Guaranteed? ​

Lose weight, feel stronger, more mobile and with less aches and niggles in the next 5 Weeks, without needing a gym membership or even any equipment.


YES...You can reach your physical peak after 40

Introducing R25 – The Game-Changing Fitness Challenge That Fuses Strength, Mobility, and Breathwork to Empower You with a Stronger, More Mobile, Stress-Free, and Physically Liberated Lifestyle!

Picture this…

You step out of bed in the morning and take a deep breath, feeling the gentle stretch of muscles and joints that once ached with stiffness.

Imagine flowing effortlessly through a series of movements that strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and soothe your mind.

As you synchronise your breath with each movement, a calm sense of well-being washes over you, like the waves of a serene ocean.

In the afternoon, you'll participate in a series of invigorating exercises that leave you feeling stronger, more agile, and years younger.

As the sun sets, you unwind with a session of revitalising breath-work that eases away the stress of the day and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and centred. This is a glimpse of the life-transforming benefits that await you at the R25 5 Week Reset Challenge

Accept the challenge and change your life

The R25 5 Week Challenge is the ONLY fitness program that combines strength training, mobility exercises, and breathwork in a comprehensive 5-Week challenge specifically designed for Men over 40 seeking to regain their youthful energy and mobility.

This is because the R25 system is the first of its kind to be based on a unique fusion of proven fitness methodologies and tailored to the needs of mature individuals.

This means, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide a targeted fitness experience that addresses the specific challenges faced by men over 40.

No other fitness challenge in the world offers such a well-rounded, age-specific solution, and we'll gladly challenge ANY of them to prove us wrong.

The R25 5-Week Challenge isn't a generic collection of disjointed exercises, outdated training methods, or restrictive diets that leave you feeling deprived and uninspired.

It doesn't require you to spend countless hours at the gym or risk injury by pushing your body beyond its limits in pursuit of youthfulness.

It is designed to put you on the most efficient and enjoyable path to revitalising your body and mind WITHOUT having to rely on cookie-cutter programs. Without the need for a Gym membership or even any equipment.

The moment you see with your own eyes how effortlessly you can regain strength, mobility, and energy, you'll forget all the time and resources you've wasted on less effective fitness solutions.

Discover The Transformations:
Real Stories From People Just Like You

At the start of this year, I found myself in a position I never really expected I would be in. Having always been someone who enjoyed being active and never really having had a problem with my weight.

The combination of a few too many beers during lockdown and letting my eating completely slip, I was shocked when I stepped on the scale and found that I was just shy of 20 stone at 126.6 kg.

I reached out to Rob and had my first consultation just to gauge where I was at – I was pathetic, not even able to row 1km and gasping for air.

Rob and I spoke about the kind of training I had enjoyed in the past and with his guidance we got a training programme together.

By August, I was 20.3kg down, and since I have been maintaining my weight. I can also now easily row a sub 7 minute 2km 😉 It’s been a pleasure working with Rob, not just because of the results I have gotten but also because of how great a guy he is 💪.

Hey, I'm Rob Westra

Like many of you, life’s milestones made me reflect upon my health and longevity. As birthdays come and go, especially those big 40 or 50 markers, it’s only natural to take a moment, reassess, and sometimes, rekindle our relationship with fitness.

For many of our clients, fitness might seem like a distant memory or perhaps an uncharted territory. You might wake up feeling a tad stiff, perhaps lamenting the days when agility and stamina were on your side. Sleep may elude you, with nights filled with restlessness and days with constant fatigue.

The incessant stress, occasional brain fog, and that overwhelming feeling of being perpetually ‘out of time’ due to professional commitments and bustling home lives resonate deeply with many.

However, it’s not just about the fleeting concerns. It’s about gazing into the future with hope and anticipation. Envisioning yourself as the energetic grandparent, running around with your grandkids, traveling to places you’ve always dreamt of, or picking up hobbies you always wished you had time for.

It’s also about ensuring that the ailments which might have taken away someone dear – be it heart conditions, diabetes, or cognitive concerns – don’t become shadows that haunt your golden years.

I understand these needs intimately.

At Your Functional Body, we don’t just offer fitness programs. We offer solutions crafted for those who appreciate simplicity in the approach, but understand there are no shortcuts to real, sustainable progress.

We’ve done the research, tried and tested methods to bring you the most effective, time-efficient programs. We believe in setting you up for success, not just for now, but for a lifetime.

So, if you’re looking for a partner in this journey, who understands the drive coming from the love of family and the desire for long, healthy, fulfilling years ahead, you’re in the right place.

Together, let’s make ageing the greatest adventure yet.


Not Only Will You Lose At Least 10lbs Guaranteed...But You'll Also Feel More Strong, Mobile and Energetic Than You've Felt In Years.

Here's How This One-Of-A-Kind Coaching Programme Works

1:1 Onboarding Call

Set up a time to speak directly to our head coach Rob Westra. He'll walk you through a series of simple assessments that can be done in the comfort of your living room to gauge your starting point so we can customise your unique plan.

Personalised Plan

We'll outline a specific plan tailored exclusively to your unique needs. This plan isn't just about exercise, It looks at optimising every aspect of your health from movement, sleep, breathing, stress & more

Nutrition Quick Start

A guide filled with nutrition tips and easy meal plans focusing on foods that boost testosterone, energy, and muscle recovery, tailored for a man's changing metabolism post-40.

At-Home Workouts

Our workouts are designed to get you guaranteed results without you needing a Gym Membership, or any expensive exercise equipment. All you need is a small amount of space, and determination.

Mindset Mastery

Strategies for habit formation, and techniques to overcome mental barriers, ensuring that you stay on track. You'll even have the option to sign up for daily reminders to keep you accountable in your first two weeks.

Community Access

Access to an exclusive online group for additional support, where members can share successes, ask for advice, and receive encouragement from peers and coaches.


Is this Challenge suitable for beginners or those who haven't exercised in a while?

Absolutely. The program is tailored to meet you where you are in your fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or getting back into fitness after a hiatus, your personalized action plan will be designed to match your current fitness level and progressively guide you to your goals.

I have a busy schedule. How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each week?

We understand that life gets busy, especially in your 40s and beyond. The program is designed to be flexible and can be adjusted to fit into your schedule. Typically, we recommend dedicating 20-30min each day to the workouts.

Are there any additional costs involved, like equipment or gym memberships?

No, there are no mandatory additional costs. The R-25 Challenge is designed to work with no equipment needed.

How quickly can I expect to see results from the program?

Individual results can vary based on various factors like your starting point, adherence to the program, and personal goals. We can't make blanket statements because everyone is an individual. BUT - We do guarantee a minimum of 10lbs lost during the 5 Weeks or your money back.

Is there ongoing support available throughout the program?

Yes, ongoing support is a cornerstone of the 5-Week Challenge. In addition to the initial coaching call and community access, you'll receive regular check-ins and and be able to ask questions, and get help as much as you need it.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the program?

We strive for your complete satisfaction with the program. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we encourage you to reach out so we can make necessary adjustments. Our goal is to see you succeed and feel your best. If you're still unhappy in any way, you can cancel your place in the challenge and get a full refund within the first 14 days.


You'll walk away from the Zoom Call With A Handful Of Free Resources To Help You Towards Your Goals, Whether You Decide To Participate In The Challenge Or Not

So What Have You Got To Lose? You Give Me 20min of Your Time, And Even If You Decide It's Not A Good Fit You'll Walk Away With An Action Plan, And Nutrition Quick Start Guide